Veesons will be a global Indian multiproduct and service provider
Veesons shall engineer, manufacture/procure energy and related products and provide excellent services to customers
  • Responsible corporation
  • High quality services
  • Mutual trust
  • Transparent
  • People oriented


  • Veesons Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd., (VESPL or Veesons) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Boilers and Small Power Plants from India.
  • The first company of the group Premier Industries was started in the year 1974 as a vendor for manufacturing Non-Pressure Parts and Veesons in the year 1981 for manufacturing Pressure Parts for Bharath Heavy Electricals Ltd., (BHEL) Trichy. Premier Industries was later merged with Veesons in the year 2009.
  • Manufacturing experience of 35 years for BHEL, a leading Utility Boiler manufacturer in the world is the basic strength of Veesons.
  • After gaining valuable experience in the manufacturing of highly sophisticated Non-Pressure Parts like structures, ducting, dampers etc., and Pressure Parts like drums, water wall, super heaters, piping etc., from 1974 for their 100/200/500 MW Boilers100/200/500 MW Boilers, Veesons upgraded itself as a manufacturer of Process Boilers (from 1990) and Small/Medium Industrial Power and Process Boilers (from 2004).
  • Thus Veesons was ‘born strong’ as a boiler manufacturer.
  • Veesons now fully equipped for supplying Small Power Plants upto 25 MW initially and 50 MW later on Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis.
  • Veesons enjoys a very high ‘Brand Name’ in the market in India and in some countries in Asia and Africa having supplied more than 5000 Boilers (No.2 in all India level).
  • Veesons can now supply all types boilers from 0.5 to 250 TPH for pressure upto 150 kg/cm2 for all type of fuels – from small 0.5 TPH, 10.5 kg/cm2 saturated steam manually operated wood fired boiler to 250 TPH, 120 kg/cm2 washery reject fired/fully automatic CFBC boiler to 25 MW small power plant on EPC basis.
  • Quick delivery, excellent performance, competitive price, prompt service, reliable commercial transactions etc., are the key drivers for consistent growth.
  • Quest for excellence/perfection, innovation, development of new products/markets, constant diversification, continuous enrichment of human resources etc., are the hallmark of Veesons.